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Christina DePalma & Nolan Cardwell — Minted

Christina DePalma


Nolan Cardwell

Christina DePalma and Nolan Cardwell

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

28 days until the big day!

Our Story

Christina and Nolan met on February 17th, 2021. Well, actually, they had met a few days before that on the internet, but on February 17th, 2021 they were able to officially confirm neither was being catfished by the other. They enjoyed drinks at Legal Sea Bar and talked and talked and talked some more and talked right through their reservation at Burton’s. Thankfully, Nolan’s quick thinking saved the evening and they were able to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at a humble little place called Bertucci’s. This is where Nolan learned Christina didn’t eat meat and Christina learned that Nolan is not only breathtakingly handsome, but a comedic genius as well.

Christina was enamored with Nolan’s silence on their early dates, finding him mysterious and intriguing. Nolan acknowledges this aura was unintentional, realizing that the more he spoke the greater chance he’d chase away the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. When Christina approached Nolan on their first date his jaw dropped to the floor and his eyes bugged out of his head like an old cartoon. Christina probably regrets delegating this task to Nolan.

Anyway, some other stuff happened and now they’re engaged to be married! They have a 120 pound Newfoundland named Moose who leaves his hair all over the house and drools on every piece of clothing that Nolan owns. When Nolan proposed to Christina at Nantasket Beach in scenic Hull, Massachusetts, a passerby remarked to Christina “who’s walking who?” As the two watched Moose, beyond excited to be near the water, attempt to drag a struggling Nolan into the ocean. With one foot submerged in water, and a dog covered in sand, water and drool, Nolan asked Christina if she remembered to turn the oven off.

Just kidding, he asked if she would marry him and she said yes. When asked if she was surprised, Christina told reporters: “Of course I was. I never thought he’d propose in a Meadow Leasing sweatshirt.” #ContainYourself

They celebrated with Moose, who seemed super excited but that was probably just because of the ocean breeze. Big breeze guy.

Christina, Nolan and Moose are incredibly grateful and excited to be able to share their love with friends and family on August 10, 2024 at the DePalma family home in Littleton, New Hampshire.