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Christina DePalma & Nolan Cardwell — Minted

Christina DePalma


Nolan Cardwell


Hampton Inn- Littleton, NH

Transportation to and from the wedding will be provided. Please book early and use code 0003248683 for a 10% discount.

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Other Accommodations/ Transportation

Other hotel & air bnb options are available in Littleton and the surrounding areas. Due to the location of our ceremony/reception, we recommend staying at the Hampton Inn and taking the provided transportation.

Guests staying elsewhere can still take the provided transportation from the Hampton Inn. Please reach out to Christina and Nolan with any questions.

Things to Do!

We recommend visiting Littleton's Historic Main Street and the Riverwalk Covered Bridge if you have time- some of our favorite spots on Main Street are:

Chutter's (Worlds Longest Candy Counter & former employer of 3/4 DePalma kids)

Schilling Beer Co.

White Mountain Canning Co.

Lahout's Ski Shop (America's Oldest Ski Shop)

Maison Boheme

Little Village Toy & Bookshop

Jack and Fin's

Crumb Bum Bakery